If you missed the 2018 Car Show, The next one is on May 26,2019


Registration will open February 2019, Visit this page then.

Free Parking and Admission to the Public from 9:30 AM till 4:00 PM, rain or shine, on Sunday 5/26.
Vendors set up the evening of 5/25 and early 5/26.
Car Show, Swap Meet Vendors, and Restoration Road Display are
free to the public; bring the whole family. Jump Houses,
Slides, Food, Music, 80 Vendors, 400 cars! Come early and spend the day

Preferred Limited Parking is available from the Pala Mesa Resort in their
main parking lot adjacent to the entrance to the Aqua Terra Restaurant.

Contact Contact Pala Mesa Resort


  • Spectators Free! Public Parking Free!
  • Public Parking has been doubled and we now have 3 entrances.
  • In Addition, Pala Mesa Resort will offer Pre-paid Preferred Parking next to the Resort. (Go to www.palamesa.com/preferred-parking or call 760 728-5881 for more information on Preferred Parking.)
  • Awards for the Best Judged Vehicles (Class and Non-Class Awards)
  • Dash Plaques for Registered Vehicles
  • Open to Vehicles 25 years and older
  • Entry Fee $35 - limited to 450 Single Vehicle Registrations
  • Registration Deadline - Postmark: May 18, 2019 - and May 23, 2019, 12:00 noon.
  • On-Field Beer and Wine Garden provided by Pala Mesa Resort
  • Swap Meet with over 75 vendors – Reserve your space today starting at $40.
  • Variety of Great Food Vendors
  • Large Children's Play Area with “Jump Houses”
  • FVCC Raffle Sales and Booth; FVCC Car Show Posters & Show/Logo Merchandise Booth
  • Estimated 20,000 Attendees Last Year
  • It will be a sellout show limited to 450 Preregistered Vehicles
  • Visit this page in February to see what the 2019 Featured Cars will be!
  • If you have questions or need a registration form mailed to you call Mike Simpson at 442-444-0450 , or Email Mike at registration@fallbrookvintagecarclub.org
  • To reserve a Swap Space Online Click Here. Questions?  email  swap@fallbrookvintagecarclub.org
  • To reserve a Restoration Road Vendor Space Online , Click here. Questions?  email Shoe at  RestorationRoad@fallbrookvintagecarclub.org


53rd Annual Car Show was a great success

2018 53rd Annual Car Show Photos

53rd Annual Car Show
2018 Fallbrook Vintage Car Show

There were more than 500 incredible show cars! Beer and Wine Garden by Pala Mesa Resort, And there were live concerts by Fleetwood Max!

Over 100 Vendors! Great Food! Thank you to all participants and visitors! Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work! A Special thanks to all of our sponsers

Click Here to see the winners of last years show

Featured Car Of 2018 : Packards!

Packard, A Distinctive American Automobile

Packard cars set the standards for quality, luxury, engineering and performance. They were America’s longest lasting independent automobile company dedicated to the manufacture of the finest possible cars. They continued to create automobiles of world-wide prestige long after companies like Stutz, Pierce-Arrow, Cord, Auburn, and Duesenberg ceased production.
Packards were the choice of politicians, actors, sporting figures, heads of corporations and VIPs. For over five decades, Packard contributed to helping build the American automobile industry into the undisputed leader of the world. There was a small group of marques that built cars of the highest quality and Packard was the king of these creators of timeless classics.
A little bit like Ferruccio Lamborghini building his own cars after being dissatisfied with a Ferrari he bought, James Packard, a mechanical engineer, believed he could build a better horseless carriage than the Winton cars owned by George Weiss, his partner in their electrical equipment company. (A side note, it has been reported that Ferrari built his first V-12 engine out of admiration for Packard’s V-12)

In fourteen months, James Packard, his brother William, and two people hired from Winton, built the first Packard. It was built in Warren, Ohio and first ran on its streets on November 6, 1899. It was named the Model A and had a high tiller steering and a single-cylinder engine. Their reputation for technical innovation started with their very first car, with the Model A’s automatic spark advance. Packard pioneered many firsts including the modern steering wheel, the first production 12-cylinder car engine and passenger car air conditioning.

By 1902 Packard was building four-cylinder automobiles, by 1913 six cylinders, and by 1915, a V-12. By the mid 1920’s, Packard was considered America’s premier car of prestige. Packard produced cars over a span of half a century and also produced marine and aircraft engines in both World Wars including the famous Liberty V-12 of World War II. With its emphasis on creating the finest possible cars and 1933 Packard with Steam Locomotive its production of aircraft engines, Packard was the only American company whose work could be compared with England’s Rolls-Royce.


Restoration Road Featured Car Of 2018 : Porsches!


Who hasn't heard of Porsche? In 2006 it won the most prestigious automobile brand for over 70 years of excellence and dedication to the four-wheel god. Established at first as a consulting and development company by Dr. Ing. Ferdinand Porsche in 1931, Porsche SE has since become synonymous with luxurious sports cars as well as cutting edge technology.

Situated in downtown Stuttgart, Porsche's first contract of developing a people's car, a Volkswagen, appointed by the German government. The result was one of the most famous cars in history, one of the best sold and one of the most easily recognizable out there, the Beetle. Many features of the Beetle would find their place on the first ever Porsche, the 64, developed in 1939.

During WWII the Porsche factory turned to making vehicles for the German Army, such as the Kubelwagen and the Schwimmwagen as well as contributing to the production of Tiger and Elefant tanks. After the war Ferdinand was imprisoned for war crimes for 20 months and was during that time that his son, Ferry Porsche, decided to build a new car to suit his needs – the 356.

The success of the 356 and the death of Ferdinand Porsche in 1951 gave Ferry the confidence to follow in his father's footsteps and continue designing cars. One of his most famous designs was the Spyder 550, a car that would prove very successful in races.

By now, the general line of the company seemed evident, as in 1964 another sporty model, the 911, another car with a air-cooled, boxer, rear-mounted engine. The design team for this car was led by Ferry's oldest son, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. this car would take the legacy of the 550 Spyder even further, winning races and rallies. Testimony to the success of the 911 is the fact that it's still in production today, despite being heavily modified.

Porsche was going to change its status in 1972 from a limited partnership to a public limited company, which meant that now Porsche would be run by a board of directors supervised by family members. In 1974, at the Paris Auto Show, Porsche unveils the new 911 Turbo, with exhaust turbocharger and pressure regulator.

When the 924 was entered in production in 1975, Porsche took a leap of faith because it had not experienced with front-mounted engines for a long time. By Porsche standards, the 928 was an oddity, with its front-mounted V8 engine made out of  metal alloy. Then, in 1981, a new transaxle model is added to the Porsche line-up, the 944. The high-performance Porsche 959 is unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1985. It will go on to win a lot of races and rallies, the best known  being the Paris-Dakar.

A new technological leap was made in 1988 when the 911 Carrera 4 with all-wheel drive was introduced on the market. Then, in 1989, the “Tiptronic” automatic gearbox system is fitted on Porsches. In 1991, Porsche becomes the first car manufacturer to fit driver and passenger airbags on all its models.

The Boxter model is introduced in 1996 after 3 and a half years of development. That same year, Porsche celebrates 1million units being produced. Two years later, Ferry Porsche dies at the age of 88 but the company moves on and has a great season at Le Mans with the 911 GT1, coming in first and second. This was going to be only the beginning for Porsche, which continued with the very sporty and high-performance models Boxster S and the Carrera GT in 2000.

In 2002 Porsche entered the SUV market with the unconventional Cayenne and its later versions, the Cayenne Turbo and Turbo S. The next model on the line-up for Porsche, announced for 2009 is the Panamera, a four-door sedan. With this new model, Porsche seems set to take on a whole new market, directly competing with other luxury brands such as Mercedes, BMW and Audi.

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