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Fallbrook Winery is a family-owned business. Construction was completed in 1981 and it was used primarily for champagne production through the late 1980’s. In the early 1990’s the winery began producing high quality red and white varietals. Today Fallbrook Winery is one of the leaders in California’s emerging South Coast wine region.

The winery consists of 36 acres resting between the Pacific Coast and the Pala Mesa Mountains. The hillside vineyard is 1,000 feet above sea level with a northwestern exposure. The topography creates an ideal microclimate characterized by consistent moderate temperatures of warm days and cool nights; perfect conditions for grapes to develop the optimal sugar and acid levels needed to create a very flavorful and balanced wine.

Fallbrook Winery assists other vineyards in the area, and is also in the process of applying for a vineyard designation of “Fallbrook.”

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1947 Chrysler Town and Country – Tom & Valerie Long
1963 Ford Thunderbird Roadster – Don & Carol Kratzer
1936 Ford 3-window Coupe – Debbie & Phil Forbes


47th Annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show

Artist: lim Krogle

Born in Santa Monica in 1944, Jim learned from his father to love the ocean. They spent many summers sailing, fishing and navigating to their favorite spot, Catalina Island.

In the sixties, Jim started surfing the Southern California beaches and playing guitar in a local garage band. In 1965 he began studying art at the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. In 1969, after receiving his bachelor degree in illustration, Jim launched an extensive 20 plus year career as an American Illustrator. He has received numerous awards in the field of advertising.

In 1990 Jim returned to his love of the ocean and surfing and started painting pictures of the local beaches and surf culture. Many of these art pieces include classic Woodie cars. Local car clubs took notice of his work and started searching him out to paint poster art for their events. Art for the Huntington Beach Cruiser, Doheny Wood and Fallbrook Vintage Car Club posters have become highly collectible pieces.

Jim’s detailed pen & ink and watercolor renderings present a wealth of good memories and souvenirs of places seen and loved by locals and tourists alike.

When Jim is not painting he can be found surfing at his favorite spot in San Onofre.

For additional information on artist: JIM KROGLE

www.jimkrogle.com 714 832-4278