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Add a Car Show Poster for Only $12

Car Show Posters are normally $15, but you can add one to your show car registration for only $12.

To pick up your poster at the car show, please bring your ID to the FVCC Merchandise Booth.

Posters ordered with a show car resistration MUST be picked up at either the Avocado Festival or the Car Show at the FVCC Merchandise Booth. Posters not claimed by the end of the car show will be forfeited.

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Location of the Swap Space Area
This is where the Swap spaces will be.

Download the Paper Swap Space Registration Form by Clicking Here

Location: Downtown Fallbrook - In Lower Library Parking Lot

Space Limitations and Rules:

• Open to vendors selling crafts, antiques, motor vehicle parts and memorabilia, services, etc.

• Selling or distributing fast food or drink including water is prohibited by County ordinance.

• Dogs, alcohol, and drugs are prohibited. No Generators or electrical extension cords are allowed.

• Vendor space sizes are 10 ft. wide by 10 ft. deep. Maximum of two 10x10 spaces per vendor.

• Each 10 x 10 ft. space is $60.00. If you choose two 10 x 10 spaces, they will be adjacent.

• All spaces must be paid in advance AND are assigned in order that the registration is received.

• No vehicles can be parked in your Vendor Space. Vehicles must be moved from the swap meet area to public parking or designated Vendor Parking 30 minutes before the car show opens.

• Professional sellers must have a reseller’s permit number entered on this form.

• A layout map of your spaces will be emailed to you. Plan ahead, know where your spot is, and where you will park your vehicle, temporarily, to set up your space.

• Sunday Swap Area opens at 6:00 a.m. Vendors must be set up and vehicles moved out of Library Lower Lot by 8:30 a.m.

• Register early; spaces are limited. Again, there is NO vehicle parking in your Swap Booth spaces.

• Vendors Only. No private tents, barbequing, flames, generators, etc.


- Prize donations would be greatly appreciated to support our show raffle.


Hold Harmless Agreement:

By executing this form and paying your Swap Meet Registration the undersigned understands and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, the A.A.C.A., Bates Brothers Nut Farm Inc., and the County of San Diego, their respective officers, staff, volunteers, and agents, against any and all claims arising from or in connection with participation in this event. Further, each entrant, participant, or accompanying guests expressly agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all of the foregoing entities, firms, persons, and bodies of all liability occasioned or resulting from the conduct of entrants or any participant assisting or cooperating with the entrant and under the direction and control of entrant. Permission is granted to use any photos or videos taken at the event for publication or advertising.


Registering for the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show implies agreement with the above Hold Harmless Agreement.