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The Fallbrook Vintage Car Chapter of AACA would like to welcome everyone attending our 1988 Vintage Car Show. This year is our 24th anniversary show in conjunction with the 102nd year anniversary of the automobile. To commemorate these two events, we are offering a poster which will be the fifth of a series depicting the history of Fallbrook and vintage cars created and painted by local artist, Ken Eberts.

Automotive Reference Library

Car enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Fallbrook Public Library has a section of Automotive reference materials.

The section will include the following:

Automobile Specifications 1915-1942
Auto Repair Manuals 1935-1986
Car Spotters Guildes Imported-American
Official Guilds to Collector Cars
Encyclopedia of Motor Cars 1885-Present
Auto Engines & Electrical Systems
Auto Restoration from Junker to Jewel
How to Restore Your Collector Car
Classic Motor Book

Also included are the following:

Old Cars Weekly
Car and Parts
The Best of Old Cars Weekly

The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club was glad to sponsor this collection with a donation to the Fallbrook Library Fund from proceeds of our show.

We thank all the sponsors, show participants and those attending, for the success of this year’s show. Hope you enjoy the show!

Arden “Red” Hanson
Show Chairman

1989 Board

President: Arden Hanson Staff:
Vice President: Jim Rose Car Show: Hal McCoy
Secretary: Jean Burhop Membership: Ruby Taylor
Treasurer: Fawcett Mayfield Sunshine: Mickey Black
Board Members: Herb Taylor
Tom Brubaker
Hal McCoy
Fawcett Mayfield Workshop:
Car Show Posters: Bill Ellis
David Doherty
Hal McCoy
(619) 723-8488

24th Anniversary Fallbrook Vintage Car Show Poster

“Mercurys Modified and Maintained” by Ken Eberts

This years’ poster artwork features two 1951 Mercurys. The older couple are driving their perfectly maintained stock vehicle while the younger couple are driving a nosed, decked, chopped and flamed vehicle.

These Mercurys are synonymous with the movie “Rebel Without a Cause” in which James Dean drove a similar car.

They are nick-named “lead sleds” when modified – the name referring to the large amount of lead used to smooth out and fill all the holes and shape the fenders. In addition, these Mercurys were also lowered as close to the ground as possible, and hence, the nick-name “sled.”

The Mercury was first produced in 1939 by the Ford Motor Company to fill a gap in their price structure between the low-priced Ford and the high-priced Lincolns.

The 1949-1951 Mercurys were virtually the same car, with the exception of minor trim changes. They were originally designed to be the new post-war Fords, and at the last minute were deemed too large and moved up to become Mercurys.

The scenario of the painting is up to the viewer’s imagination, but the scene takes places on Fig Street near the intersection of Mission Road (formerly Hill Street) where the First Christian Church stands. The oldest chapel in Fallbrook in continuous use since it was completed in February 1988 at a cost of $3500 for the Society of Methodists. One of the early pastors in the 1890’s was William Patinger, Civil War hero, author of The Great Locomotive Chase, and one of the first recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor. The building served the United Methodist Congregation until 1973 when it was sold to the First Christian Congregation, and continues to serve as a house of worship and a Christian Day School. Few modifications and careful maintenance have preserved the simple dignity and graceful architecture of the original building.

This is Ken Eberts’ fifth poster for the Fallbrook Vintage Car Show, with each poster focusing on a different era and type of collector car.

Ken Eberts, a nationally prominent automotive fine artist and Fallbrook Vintage Car Club Chapter member, has done posters for many of the most prestigious concours d’Elegance and car shows in the United States including the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Palo Alto Concours d’Elegance, the Meadow Brook Hall Concours d’Elegance, the Classic Car Club of America Concours d’Elegance and the New York International Automobile Show.

He is a founder and current President of the prestigious Automotive Fine Arts Society, an international group of prominent automotive artists. In addition to being an automotive artist, Ken is also an automotive collector and his collection included a 1936 Cord, a 1938 Buick, two Studebakers, and the 1959 Chevy shown in this photo.