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Fallbrook Vintage Car Show 31st Anniversary

Commemorative Poster 1996
“Vintage Fallbrook – Circa 1964”
Limited Edition Poster
By Artist Ken Eberts
18”w by 24”h – 2,000 Signed and Numbered

This is the 12th in a series of limited edition posters commemorating the Annual Vintage Car Show in Fallbrook, California.

For the 9th year, world-renowned artist Ken Eberts created the artwork for the poster, which was produced by Hal McCoy of McCoy Commemoratives in Fallbrook.

This year’s poster captures the spirit of Fallbrook as displayed by the town’s annual Avocado Festival.

The poster artwork depicts a 1964 scene, with a bright red 1950 Oldsmobile convertible leading an Avocado Fest parade south on Main Street. Miss Fallbrook is seated on the back of the car, followed by the high school marching band and a historic Fallbrook fire engine. The engine depicted in the artwork is a 1918 LaFrance currently owned by the Fallbrook Firefighters Association. At the wheel of the engine, Eberts portrayed the likeness of Fallbrook firefighter Charlie Glasgow, who is organizing the restoration of the engine. The car in the artwork is modeled after a 1950 Olds that was restored in Fallbrook by Charles Brennan, who is pictured at the wheel, next to his wife, Juanell. For his restoration work, last year Brennan received the prestigious Ransom E. Olds Award from the Antique Automobile Club of America. He also is restoring the fire engine, along with his father, Leo, who is portrayed riding in the engine.

The Avocado Festival is held every spring in Fallbrook to celebrate the importance of the green fruit in the region known as the “Avocado and Citrus Empire.” The fest draws people from all over, and in 1964 about 700 people from Los Angeles traveled to the fest by train and bus, on an excursion called “The Avocado Flyer.”

Poster Artwork by Ken Eberts…

A quote by William Jeanes, Automobile Magazine, aptly describes Ken Eberts’ paintings:

“Ken’s realistic, highly detailed technique creates scenes of America’s past that, once seen, somehow becomes a part of one’s own past. His work, with such titles as Our House on The Corner of Oak Street, has a deja vu quality that may make you say to yourself, ‘I’ve been there before.’ The places are real, the cars are real, and the details of his settings are painstakingly accurate. Yet the moments never actually happened…or did they?”

Over the-last 25 years more than 1,000 original paintings by Ken Eberts have become part of public and private art collections worldwide.

An historian as well as an artist, his paintings portray the history of America’s transportation and architecture.

Known for his detailed realism, his watercolor and gouache paintings make you feel as if you could walk into the past.

In addition to having over 30 one-artist shows, Ken has won many prestigious awards. His paintings have been on Leanin’ Tree Christmas cards for the past 20 years, and as posters for the New York Auto Show, Christie’s, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and many, many more.

Special Thanks
We want to thank the poster sponsors: Mission Motors, Fallbrook National Bank, Autoheim, and Hunt’s Auto Parts, and the local merchants who display the posters for this event. Their participation helps to advertise THE FALLBROOK VINTAGE CAR SHOW and provides proceeds to the historic fire engine, Fallbrook High School, and to other local charity organizations.

Hal McCoy