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The 45th annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show poster for 2010 features the Rainbow Oaks restaurant just off 1-15 in Fallbrook, Rainbow. It was chosen because of its rustic appearance and unique history.

No one knows for certain when the restaurant was originally built, but most natives estimate it was in the early 1950’s.

Following the devastating Rice Canyon fire in October 2007, the restaurant closed for a period of several months.

The present operator, Duke Maples, noticed the closed restaurant on his daily commute from Corona to San Diego where he was working as the Manager of Food and Beverage at the Marriott. He took an interest in it, and discussed with his wife, Jonell, the prospect of opening it again. When she first saw the building she told her agent they wanted it – even before she entered the old building. She and Duke signed a lease with the owner and began a partial tear-down in August 2008. The renovation was complete and the restaurant re-opened on April 2, 2009. The sugar pine, ponderosa, black oak and cedar wood that fill the entire restaurant was reclaimed from the local mountains after the fires.

Today the restaurant is a favorite gathering spot for motorcycle riders, car club members, and the general public who go there for the excellent food and company. Flags proudly flown on the building are the USA, USMC and MIA/POW.

Featured vintage vehicles on this year’s poster (left to right) are:

Whit and Lee Anne Whittinghill – 1959 Corvette roadster
DuMonte and Joan Voigt – 1956 Chevrolet 210 hardtop
Dave and Dawn Dressen -1932 Ford 3-window coupe
Michael Mroz -1940 GMC mini-dump truck

45th Annual Fallbrook Vintage Car Show


Artist: Jim Krogle

Born in Santa Monica in 1944, Jim learned to love the ocean from his father. They spent many summers sailing, fishing, and navigating to their favorite spot, Catalina Island. In the sixties Jim started surfing the Southern California beaches and playing guitar in a local garage band. In 1965 he began studying art at the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. After receiving his bachelors degree in illustration in 1969, Jim began an extensive 20 plus year career as an American Illustrator. He received numerous awards in the field of advertising. In 1990 Jim returned to his love of the ocean and surfing and began painting the local beaches and surf culture, including classic woodie cars. Local car clubs took notice and began to search Jim out to paint posters for their events. His Huntington Beachcruiser, Doheny Wood, and Fallbrook Vintage Car posters have become highly collectible pieces of art. His detailed pen & ink and watercolor renderings present a wealth of good memories, souvenirs of places seen and loved by locals and tourists alike. When Jim is not painting he can be found surfing at his favorite spot in San Onofre.

Jim Krogle Fine Art